The Best Way to Clean Your Window Panes

window pane cleaningHaving a hard time cleaning your window panes with soap and water with a squeegee? Well, it can be tough especially if the dirt and stain can’t be easily removed since it has already sticking on the window pane. Fret no more since there are the fast and easy ways on how you can clean your window panes the DIY way.

The first thing you need to do is to prepare the materials you would need. You would surely need water, squeegee or a clean wet and dry cleaning cloth and some cleaning materials you can use to take away the stain on your window panes.

Now, you can start in the interior part of the windows. You can use vacuum cleaner using only the nozzle or the main vacuum hose. If the vacuum comes with a cleaning nozzle that has a brush included then you can use that to get rid of the dirt. However, since it’s a dry method of cleaning, you may want to use a wet cleaning solution after cleaning the window with a vacuum. The next step is you spray an ample amount of window cleaning solution in the interior of the window and then gently rub the dirt and stain away using a wet cloth then dry it after using a dry cloth. You can also use a sponge (wet and then dry after) in cleaning the windows. Take note, cleaning the window in the interior part of your house should be done carefully to avoid any accidents in damaging some of your furnitures and other displays.

In the exterior windows on your house, you don’t have to use vacuum cleaner. You can directly spray water on the windows using your water hose (pressurized if possible). This is to initially wash away the stains on the windows. It’s faster and you don’t need to manually wash it with water and soap. After pressure washing it with water, you can also spray window cleaning solution. Make sure that even the corner parts of the window are sprayed with the cleaning solution. After that, you can use a cleaning sponge or a wet cloth in rubbing away the window dirt and stains. Do it gently to avoid damaging the window. After this, you can again wash the window with water and manually letting it dry by using a clean cloth.

On the other hand, if you are busy and you don’t have the time to clean; you can hire the services of carpet and window cleaners. They can make it more convenient for you and they can make the job faster and without any flaws at all.

Tips on How to Take Good Care of Pressure Washers

A pressure washer is a very convenient equipment to have. It helps you clean places in your home, like your garage and the exterior of your house. They are very easy to use and they are a big help in getting things done. So, how can you maintain and care for your pressure washers? Here are a few tips! If you need further info, you may want to visit

Prevent Cavitation

The occurrence of cavitation can cause the breakdown of your pressure washer. When cavitation occurs in your pressure washer, it means that there are air cavities being formed in the liquid that you are pumping. To avoid this, make sure that there is always more than enough water that is being supplied to the pressure washer’s pump.

What to Do Before Using Your Pressure Washer

Before you use your pressure washer, there are a number of items that you have to check. Among the things that you have to check are:

  • Inlet screen. You can find the inlet screen located at the place where you connect the garden hose. If the screen is clogged or dirty, then you should flush it with clean water. Replace the screen if it is damaged.
  • Spray gun, spray tip, and wand extension. Make sure that these three are all securely connected. For the spray gun, don’t forget to test its trigger and trigger lock. If they are not functioning properly, then you should replace the spray gun.
  • Oil and fuel levels. This is for pressure washer models that are gasoline-powered. Make sure to top the oil and fuel levels off, but be careful lest you should overfill.

What to Do After Using Your Pressure Washer

After you have finished using your pressure washer, you still have to do a few things before you put it away. Never forget to do these after using your washer because these will help in prolonging its life.

  • Rinse detergent and its residue from the pressure washer.
  • Ease off the pressure in the washer by turning off the machine and the water supply. If it is an electric model, unplug the machine. Activate the spray gun until there is no more water flowing then activate the trigger lock.
  • Don’t forget to let the machine cool down.


Always store your pressure washer in a dry place where it is protected from extreme weather and temperatures. Also, keep it away from heat sources because they could trigger fire with the fuel vapors. Also, make sure that it does not keep in moisture.